16bugs – Bug tracking made easy

16bugs is a simple bug tracker to keep your interface simple and more productive. This simple, yet powerful application can do wonders by helping the user to present a bug report without much painstaking. Unlike other bug trackers, 16bugs believes to keep simple functioning for bug tracking. However, it supports plenty of features an tools that are used to help the users simplify their job.

16bugs - Bug tracking

The application called 16bugs is used to track bugs keeping it (the application) simple and easy to use. The simple yet captivating red and white layout of the application appeals the user, while the integration ensures usability. The best part of the layout is a delectable logo of a ladybug, which is shown all over in the site.

The application is of a great use when it comes to bug management. The application is made on simple tools, as the developers believe that too many tools can damage the functional part of 16bugs. The application can easily be integrated with Campfire and BaseCamp. Moreover, 16bugs is flexible and can be expanded to provide two-way integration via e-mails. The user can also put forward a bug report easily.

Features of 16bugs

  1. Bug issue management – The user can easily manage bug issues using the 16bugs bug issue management application easily.
  2. Simple interface – The interface and layout is kept simple so that the user can easily operate it without using any complex tools. Added to that, it is quite easy to navigate and the user can access various tools easily in 16bugs.
  3. Exact tools for the users – Unlike other bug issue trackers, there are limited numbers of tools available in 16bugs, which are the most necessary tools for the users in bug issue tracking.
  4. Attractive layout – The red and white interface and a lady bug illustrated on each page makes the application visually appealing. The layout helps to keep the elements organized and integrated, so that the user finds no difficulty in using them.
  5. Integrates with BaseCamp & Campfire – The application can be easily integrates with Campfire and BaseCamp for smooth operation.
  6. Two way e-mail integration – The application 16bugs offers two-way integration for e-mails.
  7. Free trial version – You can easily use free trial version and can later upgrade it with a nominal fee.
  8. Flexible plans – The user can select from the six membership plans according the privileges provided in each plan.
  9. No need to download software – To use 16Bugs, the user needs not to download the software. The user can use it directly from web or by purchasing the software.
  10. Easy to submit bug report – The simple application makes it easy to submit a bug report without much painstaking.
  11. Hosted – The application needs no special plug-in or hardware and the setup too, is quite user friendly to provide the user an ease to work.

This application is very useful for the various companies to keep things well organized and clean. The professionals like web designers and software developers can easily handle it to get quick results without investing much of effort and time.

Download : 16bugs Bug tracking made easy

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