1Time – The Best Way to Track Employees and Project Time

1time is an application that is completely web-based and is also an essential tool for the evaluating the total cost incurred in a project for cost analysis on fix cost or billing after. The cost total cost incurred before, during and after the completion of the project is calculated by using this application.

1time online time tracking and timesheetThe price of 1time is marked on an individual basis. The usage of 1time for the first month is absolutely free and after that an amount is charged depending on the number of users in your organization.

If the billing of yours is cancelled before the commencement of the due date no charge will be required for you to pay for the subsequent months. Customer’s information is very vital for us and so great precautions are taken to protect them.

1time provides a great deal of security as it has internet backup facility. There is a very severe password protection provided for the project site of yours and you’re in formations are never shared with anyone else. Thus, all the features are available that provides a great deal of security to your data and information.

Features of 1Time

  1. Intuitive Design : All the employees working on this project are able to obtain a handful of experience after using this application. The desktop layout of this application is very intuitive.
  2. Email Reminders : The employees working on this application gets automatic reminders through their e-mails. The employees who are not too aware of the timesheets are reminded automatically via their e-mail. The report summary for the entire week is generated or displayed to the managers through review process and complete audit.
  3. New Access Via Mobile Devices : The various timesheets can be viewed as well as updated by the users via their cell phone or mobile phones. Any mobile phone is suitable for the use of the 1time web-based application to work be it iPhone, Nokia or Blackberry.
  4. Client view Externally : The time given by you into your project can be viewed by your clients. The real time view of your effort of yours can be seen by your clients.
  5. Project reporting : Time as well as cost should be followed on multiple Clients and multiple Projects.
  6. Employees reporting : You will get a certainly get a chance to see the clients as well as the activities on which employees of yours are spending major time.
  7. Analysis of the Employees Utilization : The profitability of every employee can be traced by you. You can also discover the names of those employees who are spending the maximum amount on billing.
  8. Cost analysis and project budget : The various risks related to the project can be identified at a very early stage using this. Also a rough estimate of the total cost can be estimated using this application. It also enables to decide whether it will be feasible to take in the project or not.
  9. Base Camp Integration : Base camp is the place from where you can that enables importation of your projects and clients. Messages can also be sent back to the base camp.
  10. Absenteeism and Track Holidays : Also Easy to track employees behaviors with 1time
  11. Tracking of Project Expense : The true cost incurred in a project can be tracked using this application.

Download : 1time

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