2Do – Best To-Do app for iPhone and iPad

The IPhone app 2Do is a well to-do application that provides a great interface, clean graphics and heavily built shared features like the addition of several “actions” to your each and every task.

Well, it can say that the app of to-do does not serve the purpose of anyone specifically as there are certain limitations of this app that is really very annoying.

2Do - Best To-Do app for iPhone

But, in-spite of these limitations there are several useful features and functionalities are wrapped in this iPhone To-Do app that includes the ability of adding several “actions” to the To-Do,

a setup for the great calendars as well as the feature of Pushing notifications make this a complete package. Any item on the to-do can be created very easily and it only requires a button for performing its tasks.

However it is very simple process in which you are only required to give in a name and choose a desired calendar and after that you are free to add several optional settings like a note or a priority.

“Actions” can be also included by you that will give reminders at the time of making calls, text, and emails or even at the time of visiting someone and then the launching of the iPhone corresponding to this app later.

These are the basic settings of a to-do app and many more are still there which are hidden by the button of “more options”.

Features of 2do

  1. Retina Display Ready
  2. Multi Tasking
  3. Projects and Task lists
  4. Support 5 Amazing Theme
  5. Peoples and Tags
  6. Smart Calendars
  7. To-Do Sharing
  8. Easy to Back up and Restores
  9. Sorting
  10. Actions To Dos
  11. Quick Add
  12. Audio Notes
  13. Simple Pictures Attachments
  14. Voice Search
  15. URL’s
  16. Alarm Snoozing
  17. Focus
  18. Repeating Tasks
  19. Landscape
  20. Easy to Tweet your To-Dos
  21. Events and Birthday
  22. Customization
  23. Text Expander
  24. Multilingual

2Do is an excellent application although it has some limitations. It is really very functional, clean, and contains many features that you may not even need. For a pure to-do app 2Do is the most popular app in comparison to all other apps that are available in the stores.

This app is of great use to the Mac owners as well to the to-do managers. There are numerous small features of UI that adds to the pleasure of using this app.

But if you are looking for a to-do manager that will be pretty good and helpful then it is ideal to use 2Do. So, you must use this app in-order to know about the functionalities of this app.

Download : 2Do

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