3DMLW – 3D engine and markup language for web


3DMLW is a 3D engine and markup language based on XML. It’s an open source platform for creating and displaying 3D and 2D content on the web through common web-browsers.

3DMLW - 3D engine and markup language based on XML

This platform includes several parts.

  • 3DMLW markup language is a specification for creating 3DMLW-documents. 3DMLW is similar to XHTML and easy to understand.
  • Scripting support for dynamic and interactive content.
  • Style sheets for easy and comfortable designing.
  • 3DMLW plug-in for web browsers – This is a browser based plug-in for showing 3DMLW-documents in web-browsers.
  • Model viewer for .3ds, .obj, .blend and .an8 files.

With 3DMLW, Users can easily publish following media :

  • Interactive content through scripting
  • Plain and formatted text, copying and pasting text, hyperlinks;
  • Pictures (.tga, .jpg, .png);
  • Audio (.wav, .ogg);
  • 3D objects (.3ds, .obj, .an8, .blend);
  • User input fields for interactivity and interaction with the server.

3DMLW is a cross browser platform. it means Content can be displayed through Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and later, Mozilla Firefox, Flock, K-Meleon, Opera, Apple’s Safari and Google™ Chrome for Windows.

There are 3 different views for making the development of 3D web applications easy and comfortable. In the edit mode You can insert, drag & drop, delete and change elements. As a must for every markup language editor there is a code view for advanced coding and of course there is a view mode for seeing the end result.

Features of 3DMLW :

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Browser plug-in
  • Support for 3D model formats ( 3ds format objects and .an8 format objects) and 2D texture formats ( .tga, .png, .jpg )
  • Easy to Communicate with server to allow dynamic content exchange
  • Mixed 2D/3D content
  • easy to dynamically change document content
  • Ability to create and use custom tags
  • Support for Mouse, keyboard and collision Event handling
  • Drawing content on textures formats (dynamic textures)
  • Keyframe animation for all attributes
  • Support for .wav and .ogg sound file

Download: http://www.3dmlw.com/

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