5 Best call blocker apps for Android


Tired of Pesky Sales calls and text messages or your ex’s calling all the time and disturb you when you are so busy with your work?

Now you can block them by using an android smartphone. Here are a 5 Best call blocker apps for android to block all unwanted, Pesky sales calls and text messages.

Whenever users add unwanted callers into the blacklist, All calls and text messages related to this caller will automatically be rejected by the Apps.

So you never get distraction from unwanted calls and Text messages.

Best call blocker apps for Android

1 Call Control – Call Blocker

Call Control - Best call blocker apps for Android

Call Control - Best call blocker apps for Android

Call Control is one of the most advanced calls and text messages blocking apps for android.

it is a fully featured, easy to use yet extremely powerful app that allows you to block all your unwanted calls and text messages, so you can control exactly who can call your phone.


  1. Community blacklist to automatically block thousands of reported spam callers
  2. Call and text Blocking
  3. customizable call control options
  4. Block FCC Do Not Call Violators

Call Control call blocker

2 Extreme Call Blocker (Stealth)

Extreme Call Blocker (Stealth)

Extreme Call Blocker (Stealth) 2

With Extreme Call Blocker App, you can block not only unwanted calls and text messages but also block the MMS messages and secure your privacy.

you can also easily customize your call blocking settings where you can select how/when/which call and SMS to block, or how to hide text messages, support timers, and calendar scheduling.


  1. Password Protected
  2. Stealth mode
  3. Easy to Backup/Restore to/from SD card or Dropbox cloud services
  4. Automatically erase all blocked calls from your phone’s call log
  5. Build-in private SMS box
  6. Blacklist and blocking profile
  7. Contact Groups Blocking

Extreme Call Blocker (Stealth)

3 Mr. Number – Block calls, texts

Mr. Number

Mr. Number

Mr. Number is a call blocking apps for android that make it easy to block all unwanted calls and Text messages, reverse lookup to all unknown mobile and landline numbers and get more information about Callers that call your mobile phone. – Mr. Number

4 NQ Call Blocker

NQ Call Blocker apps

NQ Call Blocker app

Block unwanted, pesky sales calls and text messages with NQ Call Blocker to protect your privacy.

The application features a call manager including a blacklist, a cross platform backup plan for contacts if they lost or need to be transferred to a new device, a hidden space in the phone for privacy. – NQ Call Blocker

5 Call Blocker X – Location-based Call blocking

Call Blocker X - Best call blocker apps for Android

Call Blocker X - Best call blocker apps for Android

Call Blocker X - Best call blocker apps for Android

Call Blocker X is a unique android call blocking apps that allow users to block unwanted calls and text messages based on Location.

To use location based call blocking service you need internet connection and Google Map.


  1. Call Block by Location
  2. By Time
  3. By Group and Selections
  4. Set specific ringtone for specific Group and Auto SMS Responder

Call Blocker X

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