52Framework – html5 and css3 supported framework


52Framework is a HTML5 and CSS3 supported CSS framework that allow you to create website using HTML5 & CSS3 while still supporting all modern browsers (including ie6).

52Framework - html5 and css3 supported framework

It use all the most useful current html5 tags including: header, nav, section, article, footer, and all new input field types: url, email, etc The framework also have modified Reset Stylesheet for HTML5. you can easily customize the properties of selected text by using new ::selection selector and also easy to apply rounded corners for any block level element, text-shadow for text elements & Box Shadow for block level elements.

The framework also includes styles for creating grids: 16 column, 52 pixel based with 8 pixel gutter.

Features of 52Framework:

  • rounded corners
  • text-shadow
  • box-shadow
  • html5 markup
  • grid system
  • css reset

Download: 52Framework

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