ACE – A collaborative real time text editor

ACE is a collaborative real time text editor that allow multiple geographically dispersed users to view and edit a shared text document at the same time.

ACE - collaborative editor

it’s simple text editor which offer common feature such as copy/paste and load/save. With ACE, user can easily edit multiple documents at the same time. Furthermore, ACE can share documents with other users on different computers, connected by communication networks (LAN, Internet).

It also discovers users and their shared documents automatically in a local area network. Users can opt to join any discovered shared document. For all this, no configuration is necessary because it is based on zero-conf networking.

Once the user joined the shared document, he can start editing to document at the same time with all participants as a virtual team. So-called awareness information helps to avoid unnecessary conflicts. like two users editing same document at the same time. Awareness information includes the cursor and the currently selected text of the other users marked with the color of the respective user.

Download: ACE – a collaborative editor ( via..Wikipedia Mobile ).

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