Acorn Media Player – Fully customizable HTML 5 media player


Acorn Media Player is a jQuery plugin that implement a custom HTML5 syntax to create customizable HTML 5 media player with a special focus on accessibility and customization. The player can be fully controlled and manage with keyboard (with standard tab-based navigation) and provide support for external subtitle file (SRT) and screen-reader with many other accessibility tweaks.


  1. Free and open source HTML 5 video player
  2. Accessibility – Full, tab-based keyboard control and navigation
  3. Easy to customize and Fully themable
  4. Acorn Media Player is built with accessibility in mind.
  5. closed captions – It supports external SRT files just like “real” media players.
  6. Provide Support for transcript – Along with closed captions support, the player provides a dynamic transcript generated from the selected captions.
  7. Full screen support
  8. Buffering indicator
  9. <audio> support
  10. Loading indicator
  11. Easy to Remembers volume level using HTML5 local Storage
  12. Easy to use, understand and adapt

Download – Acorn Media Player

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