Active Admin – administration framework for Ruby on Rails


Active Admin is a Ruby on Rails-based administration framework that allows the developer to create an administration style back-end interface.

several patterns related to the business application that are quite common are abstracted which makes it easy for developers to develop an interface that is not only to implement beautiful but also elegant interfaces with the least effort.

Active Admin - administration framework for Ruby on Rails

Active Admin is the management that is ideal for the system that virtually does not require any management.

A set up that provides guidance is provided by Active Admin features, thereby providing a process that is intuitive and simple depending on whether it’s several ActiveRAIDs or only one.

It has a user-friendly interface that specially designed to fulfill the non-technical user needs. The RAID Kernel and the RAID controller is the latest design provided by the ActiveRAID Management.

Maintenance and setups of the systems made earlier are not at all required here.

Features of Active Admin – administration framework for Ruby on Rails

  1. Global Navigation: Admin interface can be created as well as used. These Admin interfaces are created by the Customizable global navigation so that it can be used by your business.
  2. Scopes: Reporting and quick navigation can be used to create exclusive resources.
  3. Index Styles: A variety of styles is available for the index screen. A table view is provided as default but Grids, Blog view, and Blocks are also well-supported by the Active Admin.
  4. Downloads and API: On registration with the Active Admin each and every resource is made available as XML, CSV download, and CSV download. Even the outputs can be customized to fulfill your requirements.
  5. User Authentication: The configuration of the bundled Devise can be used to implement or generate your own authority through authorization using the provided terms and conditions.
  6. Action Items: In each of the screen provided you can certainly add links, buttons, or any content in the section of the “Action Items”.
  7. Filters: Resources can be filtered that enables users to search text fields, dates, numeric values, and strings.
  8. Sidebars Sections: The sidebar sections can be easily customized with the aid of the simple DSL built that is already built in the Active Admin.
  9. Management is provided up-to-the Enterprise level is available without any complexity of the enterprise level
  10. Added security and intuitive use is offered through monitoring and a separate admin
  11. Kernel design and RAID controller that is very modern simplifies the management
  12. Tedious manuals and lengthy commands can be avoided in-spite of making changes in the configuration.
  13. Annoying interface and limitations of application that is browser-based is avoided here.
  14. Firmware updates and Easy automated software that is also non-disruptive is provided.
  15. The timespan for running a program has been decreased for several minutes to hours.

Thus with all such modern features, the active admin is sure to serve you with all the effective needs. Therefore if you wish to heighten your works to new levels, the active admin is a must-try software to cater to your needs.

Download: Active Admin

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