Add feedback to any webpage with Bounce App

ZURB, a design policy and interface design company of California have created wonderful software known as Bounce – A visual feedback management tool or idea sharing software for any website.

Bounce visual feedback management tool

Bounce is an application that helps you to provide quick feedbacks to some content webpage that can be shared across people.

Bounce App is quite apt for people who find it difficult to put forth some opinion or feedback regarding some definite topic over the web. Bounce has gained popularity due to its simple usage and vast utility features.

Bounce Apps allow you to add prompt feedbacks to various webpage contents and this application has proved to be quite handy and is being widely used all over the world.

When you are using Bounce App to post your feedback on some issue make sure that you are so clear about your opinion that everybody can understand your point of view.

Explain your feedback in a detailed way so that everyone understands what you actually think and want to say. But keep it short and precise. Bounce provides you with a screenshot view of your feedback content.

If you opt not to go for these screenshots then be sure to mention your context on which you are putting up the feedback.

Do not write long ornamental paragraphs but go for lucid and small sentences for better understanding and interest.

Always try to put up a positive view with your feedback and hence charge up the readers in a positive way.

Bounce App has been widely accepted as a light feedback application to be shared all over the globe among different kinds of people. It has some unique features.

Features of Bounce visual feedback management tool

  1. Bounce is a simple and fun view sharing forum. It has no installation or registration charge attached to it.
  2. You can choose the specific people you want the feedbacks from using Bounce App. While the creation of a new document you can take opinions and depend on the feedbacks get along with the work.
  3. With Bounce Apps you can have screenshot views of web pages and put in anything you want within the screenshot and add any name you want to use for your particular Bounce document. Then all you have to do is click on the Save button to the extreme right of the webpage.
  4. You can create special workspaces for your projects and its viewer permission is allotted only when you grant it. Hence, only those will be able to see your project work whom you allow to.
  5. Using Notable, a special feature of the Bounce App, you can share your opinion on the public forum and among your teammates only as per your preference. You are enabled with 4 types of sharing techniques.
  6. With Notable, you can save or capture any work you are doing be it a project with few others to share with or some public survey on some specific issue.

Bounce App is a handy means for your working methods using different feedback opportunities and a brighter work environment.

Download: bounceapp

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