45 useful ADW Launcher Themes for Android

ADW Launcher is one of the best and most popular third-party open-source home screen replacement apps now available on Android Market.

Many other Android home screen replacement apps use ADW launcher as a base for creating Theme for Android.

You can use ADW launcher as a stock launcher for the popular series of custom ROMs called CyanogenMod.


  1. customizable desktop preview, application drawer, and Drag and drop action buttons
  2. Multiple Screen Preferences with simple UI settings
  3. easy to back up and restore ADW settings and Desktop configuration

Here 45 mind-blowing ADW Launcher Themes for Android. All Theme is free to use and easy to customize as per your taste.

45 useful ADW Launcher Themes for Android

  1. SpaceBound ADW Theme

    SpaceBound ADW Launcher Theme
    Download: SpaceBound

  2. ADW launcher Theme: Inspired

    Inspired ADW Theme
    Download: Inspired

  3. Neon Light ADW Launcher Theme

    Neon Light ADW Launcher Theme
    Download: Neon Light

  4. Pink ADW launcher Theme

    Pink ADW launcher Theme
    Download: Pink Theme

  5. Tha Jack-o (ADW Theme)

    Tha Jack-o (ADW Theme)
    Download: Tha Jack-o

  6. Woodycon ADW Theme

    Woodycon ADW Theme
    Download: Woodycon

  7. Classic ADW Theme

    Classic ADW Theme
    Download: Classic theme

  8. Crystal Blackball HD

    Crystal Blackball HD Theme
    Download: Crystal Blackball HD

  9. Elite HD ADW Theme

    Elite HD ADW Theme
    Download: Elite HD

  10. AndroidPhone7 Theme

    AndroidPhone7 ADW Theme
    Download: AndroidPhone7

  11. Honeycomb Theme

    Honeycomb ADW Theme
    Download: Honeycomb

  12. Mac OS ADW Theme

    Mac OS ADW Theme
    Download: Mac OS Theme

  13. Elegant Theme

    Elegant adw launcher Theme
    Download: Elegant

  14. Matte Curve Theme

    Matte Curve adw Theme
    Download: Matte Curve

  15. Matte ADW Theme

    Matte ADW Theme
    Download: Matte ADW

  16. Minimalist Theme

    Minimalist ADW Theme
    Download: Minimalist

  17. Symbian Launcher theme

    Symbian Launcher theme
    Download: Symbian Theme

  18. Metal Press Theme

    Metal Press ADW Theme
    Download: Metal Press

  19. Ubuntu ADW launcher

    Ubuntu ADW launcher
    Download: Ubuntu theme

  20. Krom ADW launcher theme

    Krom adw launcher theme
    Download : Krom ADW theme

  21. Iron Man ADW launcher

    Iron Man ADW launcher
    Download: Iron Man theme

  22. Black Glass ADW Theme

    Black Glass ADW Theme
    Download: Black Glass ADW

  23. Rustik ADW launcher theme

    Rustik ADW launcher theme
    Download : Rustik Theme

  24. Sense Glass theme

    Sense Glass ADW Theme
    Download: Sense Glass ADW

  25. Shag ADW launcher theme

    Shag adw launcher theme
    Download: Shag ADW theme

  26. Tha Sticky ADW Theme

    Tha Sticky ADW Theme
    Download: Tha Sticky

  27. ADW Aerish GTX

    ADW Aerish GTX
    Download: Aerish GTX

  28. Paperless Adw Theme

    Paperless ADW launcher
    Download: Paperless Adw

  29. ADWTheme – Sketchy

    ADWTheme - Sketchy
    Download: Sketchy ADW

  30. Tha Whiteout (ADW Theme)

    Tha Whiteout (ADW Theme)
    Download: Tha Whiteout

  31. Luxury Black HD Theme

    Luxury Black HD Theme
    Download: Luxury Black HD

  32. Cloud 3D ADW Launcher

    Cloud 3D ADW Launcher
    Download: Cloud 3D

  33. Sticker Album ADW Theme

    Sticker Album ADW Theme
    Download: Sticker Album

  34. Fade Time Go Launcher EX

    Fade Time Go Launcher EX
    Download: Fade Time Theme

  35. Diva ADW Launcher Theme

    Diva ADW Launcher Theme
    Download: Diva ADW Theme

  36. Glow Legacy Pro Theme

    Glow Legacy Pro Theme
    Download: Glow Legacy Pro

  37. Colorless ADW launcher

    Colorless ADW launcher
    Download: Colorless

  38. Blue Crystal ADW theme HD

    Blue Crystal ADW theme HD
    Download: Blue Crystal

  39. Black ADW Theme

    Black ADW Theme
    Download: Black ADW

  40. Hand Carved ADW Theme

    Hand Carved ADW Theme
    Download: Hand Carved Theme

  41. ADW Theme BlackGold

    ADW Theme BlackGold
    Download: BlackGold Theme

  42. Gemstone ADW Theme

    Gemstone ADW Theme
    Download: Gemstone Theme

  43. Ice Cream Sandwich theme

    Ice Cream Sandwich theme
    Download: Ice Cream Sandwich

  44. Chemistry ADW Theme

    ADW Launcher Themes for Android - Chemistry ADW Theme
    Download: Chemistry Theme

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