AeroSQL – open source web based MySql Manager

AeroSQL is a open source web based MySql Manager that allow you to manage your multiple MySQL databases. the application written in PHP and uses ExtJS to provide the desktop-like functionality. it offer intuitive management of the database content.

AeroSQL - open source web based MySql Manager

The result of SELECTs is displayed in a grid as in traditional desktop applications. The grid is editable: you can update cells and save the changes to the backend database server. For now, the query browser represents the main functionality. Additional features will be added in the next versions: administration tools (backup, restore), database object management (create tables).

Features of AeroSQL:

  • Multiple servers administration
  • Live Queries
  • SQL Monitor
  • Multi query execution: you can run a batch of sql queries delimited by a semicolon
  • Correct handling of NULL values
  • The user can select which columns to display while editing a database table. Subsequent navigation through table rows will fetch only visible columns, thus minimizing network traffic
  • AeroSQL will provide column editors based on mysql data type:
    • ENUM columns are represented by a combo box
    • TEXT column editor is a separate window with a TextArea and a WYSIWYG HTML editor
    • Numeric columns will not allow you to enter letters. Even negative numbers are disallowed if the column was defined as UNSIGNED.
  • Easy to use web interface based on ExtJS framework

Download: AeroSQL

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