AeroWindow – Create window 7 aero style pop-ups with jQuery


AeroWindow is a plugin for jQuery that allow you to create window 7 aero style pop-ups for web sites , inspired by the style of Window7.

AeroWindow - Plugin for jQuery

The pop-ups not only look like a native Windows element but also behave similarly like Windows Aero Style pop-ups such as Minimize, Zoom, Maximize and Close. The plugin is specially designed for anyone who wants to build an OS-like web interface.

Features of AeroWindow

  1. Live animated Aero Glossy look (see header when moving)
  2. Usual window buttons: Minimize, Zoom, Maximize and Close
  3. Double-click support, such as in windows (maximize, zoom out)
  4. Active window is highlighted visually, as in Windows
  5. User-infinitely scalable window size
  6. Sliding window by mouse dragging
  7. Usual Z-order management, as in Windows
  8. + Animated changing the window size
  9. + Multiple configuration options
  10. Easy to use with existing websites

Currently plugin compatible with following browsers :

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Mozilla Firefox 3
  • Google Chrome 4
  • Apple Safari 4
  • Opera 10

Download : AeroWindow – Plugin for jQuery
Demo : AeroWindow – Plugin for jQuery Demo

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