AirPlayer- streaming media server for iPhone/iPod/iPad

AirPlayer is a file streaming application that helps in transferring or streaming audio, video, photo and music files to the apple devices (iPhone, ipad or iPod ) from DLNA or UPNP media servers. Powered by Olimsoft, this application supports photo browser and thumbnail view of photographs.


AirPlayer is a very useful streaming application to transfer audio, video, photo or music files of any format to iPhone, iPad or iPod devices from UPNP or DLNA media servers. The automated media server’s discovery feature is one of the most unique feature of this application.

The users can use QuickTime plug-in to track and check in various limited versions of media format files. Added to that, the application also supports thumbnail view of photos and has a photo browser to quickly access the desired photograph easily. The application has a smart layout and clean interface that helps the user to navigate through the application flawlessly without any painstaking.

Features of AirPayer

  1. Seamlessly streams various files- The application seamlessly streams audio, video, photo and music to apple devices like iPad, iPhone and iPad from DLNA or UPNP media servers.
  2. Automatic media server discovery- The users can use the automated discovery of media server on the local area network, which comes with a refresh button too.
  3. Stream in any format- The application powered by device features like iPod 3G or iPhone 3G/4G can help in streaming files from any format. That means the user can get his file streamed no matter what the format is. Mainly, the music formats like MP3,MP4, MOV, M4V, AAC,WMA, OGG, etc. are supported by AirPlayer.
  4. QuickTime plug-in- Using QuickTime Plug-in, the users can view few limited formats like MP3, MP4,AAC, MOV, WMA, etc. in the early models of apple devices.
  5. Photo browsing support- The application supports photo browsing in the device and the users can easily browse and access the desired photo easily.
  6. Thumbnail view of photo- AirPlayer helps the user to get a thumbnail view of photographs so that the user can easily identify the photo and can access it accordingly.
  7. Supports various OS and Media servers- The application is tested by various media servers of various OS and has passed the test of functionality and usefulness.
  8. Easy to use interface with smart layout- The application has an easy to use interface where the users can access the tools without getting confused and the smart layout appeals the users.
  9. Easy to download and install- Like all other Olimsoft applications, this application too, is easy to download and install.
  10. Neatly organized contents- the utility application, AirPlayer, has neatly organized contents so that the users can easily click a button and start the application.

Olimsoft brings an air of innovation in phone and PC browsing by its newly launched products like AirPlayer. The USP of this application is its format compatibility that helps it to work in any environment. This unique quality makes the application stand ahead in competition with its contemporaries and helps in winning the race of consumer satisfaction.

Download : AirPlayer

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