Ajax.org – open source Application Platform for Building real-time collaborative apps

Ajax.org is a open source JavaScript application framework for creating real-time collaborative applications that run in the browser. Ajax.org Platform combines technology and open standards into a solution to build web applications with rich collaborative features at minimum expense. The simple-yet-elegant, declarative API makes it easier to learn, while its openness in design allows it to be extended to the level you and your team are comfortable with.

Ajax.org - open source Application Platform for Building real-time collaborative apps

Features of Ajax.org Platform

  1. Separation between data, view, controller, style, state, language, layout
  2. Standards compliant (DOM, DOM Events, XForms, CGI, SOAP, XMLRPC, XSLT, XPath, XML Schema, JSON, HTTP, HTML, CSS)
  3. Single interface for any web service protocol (SOAP, XMLRPC, JSONRPC, CGI, etc)
  4. Fully generalized API’s by using element traits. This means that each attribute works in the same way for each element.
  5. Fully optimized renderer
  6. Namespace support for in HTML documents loading
  7. Support for locking remote resources
  8. Smart bindings – Two-way data binding to local and remote data.
  9. Three layouting methods (Alignment, Anchoring, Grid)
  10. Dockable layout
  11. Real time skin switching
  12. Real time language switching
  13. HTML5 form validation with validation grouping and form automation
  14. Drag and drop automation between components
  15. Resizable and draggable components for runtime UI customization

Visit: http://www.ajax.org/

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