Ajax-Zoom – jQuery Image Zoom & Pan Gallery plugin

Ajax-Zoom is a powerful jQuery Image Zoom & Pan Gallery plugin based on jQuery and PHP. With over 250 options Ajax-Zoom is very flexible and can be seamlessly integrated into any website. It also doesn’t require any browser plugins such as Flash, Java or Silverlight. It’s all cross-browser JavaScript and PHP.

Ajax-Zoom - jQuery Image Zoom & Pan Gallery plugin

it uses same image pyramid technology to quickly generate a high resolution images on the web and also has the ability to watermark zoomed portions on the fly thus adding protection to the source image from unauthorized use. The program support "native" PHP GDlib functions and ImageMagick for optimized speed and quality.

Ajax-Zoom is a perfect Image Zoom & Pan Gallery plugin for E-Commerce, product presentations and other applications, where high quality images make the difference.

Features of Ajax-Zoom

  1. Ajax Zoom is not an ASP based application. Everything is on your server fully controlled by You.
  2. Stepless Zoom, Pan and Crop interface with mouse wheel support (zoom to point).
  3. Cross browser HTML5 canvas support.
  4. Various image protection options, dynamic watermarking / annotating.
  5. Source images and tiles never load into cache! The source folders can be .htpasswd protected.
  6. It doesn’t require any browser plugins such as Flash, Java or Silverlight.
  7. Cross browser compatible
  8. Works with any DOCTYPE, also in quirks mode
  9. Easily Skinable via CSS and more than 250 customizing parameters controlling colors, layout, size and behavior.
  10. Branding free. Ajax loader and the background can be replaced with your own images.
  11. Native PHP GDlib and ImageMagick support.
  12. Build in galleries: vertical (left, right), horizontal (top, bottom) and "inline", all with a slideshow option.
  13. Single source imaging – on-the-fly generation of all necessary thumbnails and tiles.
  14. Batch conversion with a single PHP file – can easily be integrated into any CMS.
  15. Several API methods to control behaviors like zoom to a specified image area.
  16. Can easily be integrated with or into popular "lightbox clones" that support Ajax content or Iframes.
  17. Support for tif image format.
  18. Definable position for image map, also outside of main container.
  19. Allow more then one instance per page.
  20. Arrows hold event for zoom in and out.

Download : http://plugins.jquery.com/project/ajax-zoom
Website : http://www.ajax-zoom.com/index.php

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