AJAX.OOP – Lightweight Object Oriented Web2.0 JavaScript Framework

AJAX.OOP is an open source Lightweight multi-platform JavaScript OOP Framework that allow you to create JavaScript/AJAX components in an object oriented way.

ajaxoop - Lightweight JavaScript OOP Framework

It is one of the best, full-featured and fastest JavaScript OOP engine you can find over the Internet. it allow you to write your own classes, use inheritance, polymorhysm mechanisms and gives possibility of extending and reusing existing code.

Features of AJAX.OOP :

  1. Allow you to inherit any JavaScript classes, even if they written not with AJAX.OOP syntax but with native JavaScript style.
  2. You can easily override any parent properties and methods in a way you like.
  3. Easy to call/access any parent properties or methods from anywhere in your class, even if parent elements has been overriden! Just use this.$super accessor of any class you’ve created with AJAX.OOP.
  4. Agregate self and parent classes inside themselves
  5. Strict instances
  6. full-featured and fastest JavaScript OOP engine
  7. open source Lightweight JavaScript OOP Framework

Download : ajaxoop-1.0.4-source.js

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