AkelPad Editor – Open Source Editor For Plain Text

AkelPad is a text editor built for rapid and accurate editing and writing purposes. It is an open source text editor that is supported by various versions of Windows.

AkelPad - Open Source Editor For Plain Text

AkelPad has many editions of which the recent one released is AkelPad 4.6.5. You can download AkelPad from their official website that gives you access to all the other AkelPad versions as well.

It is multilingual and hence is applicable to different people from different parts of the world.

It also work as text manager which makes your writing and file documentation process much easier.

Its configuration set is built up in a way so that it is small in texture but rapid in functional skills.

It has the features of an expert text editor that enables you to produce high quality text files.

Features of AkelPad

AkelPad being a plain text editor with open resources include some features that are notable. These features take account of:

  1. AkelPad has three elementary window modes that comprise of Single-window (SDI), Multi window (MDI) and pseudo or simulated Multi window (PMDI). You can use any of these modes for your work.
  2. AkelPad is completely supported by the Unicode strings linked to Unicode structure be it Windows XP, 2000, Vista or Seven.
  3. A wide range of Unicode pages support AkelPad text editor.
  4. You can work on any code page you wish to as there is a prior installed code page in the text editor application.
  5. DOS, Windows, Unix and latest MAC versions support AkelPad too. Since these operating systems are the most commonly used among the general people, AkelPad can be easily installed by most.
  6. While working on a document if you need to have an idea about the formation of that document then you can take an overview of it by using the preview option provided to you. It will give you a preview of your required file.
  7. Proper and accurate pseudo graphs are viewed on your system screen for a better idea.
  8. You have the option for selecting column text according to your needs in AkelPad.
  9. The option for undo is common in all text editors available. But multi faceted undo options are rare which is available in AkelPad. So, this simplifies and accelerates your editing process to a great extent.
  10. With its rapid search methods and series replacement capacity you can save a lot of your time and energy.
  11. Once you have saved some specific document you do not need to worry further for its availability in the future. AkelPad stores all your previous works and correct location of individual files.
  12. You can take out printed copies of your text files. Before printing you can go through the printing options that give you a preview of the file you want.
  13. Its special multi lingual feature is an added bonus.
  14. You can use various plug-ins including grammar highlighting, auto-completion and keyboard controls etc.

Thus, you can check out AkelPad as your text editor.

Download : AkelPad text editor

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