Alloy UI – JavaScript UI framework


Alloy UI is a featured rich, lightweight ( only 9 kb) JavaScript UI framework, built on YUI3 that provide a consistent and simple API for building and designing web applications across all three levels of the browser: structure, style and behavior.

Alloy UI JavaScript UI framework

The framework is developed by team of developer and has a lot of ready-to-use components & also requires Yahoo! User Interface Library to run. Here is some useful ready to use component provide by Alloy UI.

  1. Image Gallery
  2. Dialog : Display information to a user in an inline dialog that can be dragged, stacked, or presented as a modal
  3. Tree View : Create dynamic tree that supports drag and drop functionality , Ajax requests, checkboxes, and many more
  4. Panel : A generic panel that can be reused throughout an application
  5. AutoComplete
  6. Button : Dynamic button that give a user an action they can perform
  7. Calendar
  8. Toolbar
  9. Color Picker
  10. Live Search : filter data on the fly while you search
  11. Charts
  12. Sortable : A drag and drop implementation that handles sorting elements vertically or horizontally
  13. Editable : Help you to quickly edit inline content
  14. Tooltips : Give users contextual information or content, such as help text or images
  15. Tabs Views
  16. CSS Forms : A CSS Framework for consistently styling HTML forms
  17. Paginator
  18. CSS Layout
  19. Ratings
  20. Text Box List
  21. Resize
  22. Nested List
  23. Overlay Manager
  24. SWF writer Utility
  25. Loading Mask : Allows you to indicate to a user that content is still waiting to be loaded

Download : AlloyUI Current Release: 1.0.1

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