Amazon S3 File Management Client – DragonDisk

DragonDisk is a simple yet easy to use, multi-platform file management client for S3 compatible cloud storage services, such as Google Cloud storage, Amazon S3 and other cloud storage services that provide support for Amazon S3 API.

Amazon S3 File Management Client - DragonDisk

Thanks to it user friendly interface which very similar to windows explorer’s UI. User can easily backup, share and organize their Data into Amazon S3 buckets.

There is no need to learn any special knowledge to operate Amazon S3 File Management Client, it’s functions and easy to use operation make him so intuitive for you, whether you are an amateur or a professional user.

Features of DragonDisk

  1. Easy to use and simple to understand graphical user interface
  2. cross platform file management client
  3. Fast, Multi-threaded HTTP/HTTPS engine.
  4. Job queueing
  5. Support for multiple windows
  6. Easy to Copy, Paste or Move data between Amazon S3 accounts
  7. Folder synchronization
  8. Cut copy paste or drag drop data between Amazon S3 account
  9. Easily rename existing files and folders
  10. Filename Filters
  11. BiTorrent, time limited and signed URLs generator
  12. File integrity control
  13. metadata editor for Custom HTTP headers
  14. Proxy Support
  15. ACL inheritance
  16. detailed operations logs
  17. Change permissions, ‘storage class’ or metadata of a set of files using filters.
  18. Keep permissions and metadata for existing files when overwriting
  19. File Versioning for preserve and manage previous versions of files
  20. Support for CNAME’s, External Buckets and Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS)
  21. Client Side Compression and encryption support : AES 128/192/256; Blowfish; 3DES

Download : DragonDisk file manager for Amazon S3

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