12 Best Photo Locking Apps for Android

Privacy is a major concern for today’s web industry. All Major-Tech industries and web portals are very serious about Privacy.

Even individually we all take Privacy very seriously. That is why All developers are trying to bring us apps that make sure our files remain private and safe from prying eyes of strangers.

Here are the 12 best Photo Locking Apps for Android that protect and hide all your pictures, videos, and other media on Android.

Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock manages all your pictures and videos and individually hide them to protect your personal privacy.

it also uses the pattern lock feature of android to lock your pictures and Stealth Mode to hides the icon and any trace of the app. – Gallery Lock

Smart Lock Free

Smart Lock Free is a free version of popular photo locking apps Smart Lock for android that protect your privacy in mobile phone from others.

All your Pictures, Videos, and media files protected by Smart Lock with a strong Password.


  1. default Locking App
  2. Select Lock Type from Number to Text and Pattern
  3. Staying awake with Executing locked App
  4. Locking auto screen-rotate
  5. each Picture/Media File and USB Storage

Smart Lock Free

Hide It Pro

Hide all your pictures, videos, applications, and messages from the prying eyes of strangers. The App is absolutely free and offers an unlimited version to use.


  1. Easy to Categorize media into folders of your choice
  2. Batch support for hiding and showing pictures
  3. Easy to Delete/Share/Unhide/Move pictures between albums
  4. The gallery features Pinch to Zoom
  5. Double-tap to zoom
  6. One finger hold and move zoom
  7. Built-in encryption tool(with military standard 256-bit AES encryption) to secure your most important files

Hide It Pro

KeepSafe Vault

One of the Best Photo locking apps for android that hide your personal photos from your photo gallery, and stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad.

Only you can see your hidden images, no one can use your personal images without a password. Your public gallery remains available to your friends, family, and coworkers. KeepSafe Vault

File Cover

File Cover hides all your pictures from your public gallery and set a password to lock them.

With File Cover, User can hide all there images and videos in a secret mode, to view privately. Free File Cover Version only hides 12 images.

Hide Pictures in Vaulty

Hide Pictures in Vaulty is a free Android app that Hides all your personal photos and videos in your Public gallery quickly and instantly.

Keeping pictures & videos safe, secure, and hidden has never been easier with Vaulty. Vaulty Android App

Photo Locker – Hide pictures

Photo Locker – The Ultimate hidden gallery app for hiding pictures securely and more conveniently on android.

Hide all your personal and sensitive pictures from your Android photo gallery that can be kept safely locked away in a secure Photo Locker accessible only via a secret PIN code.


  1. Not only hide you pictures also encrypt them with advanced 128 bit AES encryption
  2. User-friendly operation
  3. Fast bulk hide
  4. Folder level locking
  5. Rotate hidden pictures left and right
  6. Pin Recovery

Photo Locker – Hide pictures

iLock – Image & Video Locker

iLock is the finest pictures locker for android that allows you to lock multiple images simultaneously from the picture gallery.

Just select the pictures you want to lock and then select iLock from the Share menu. – iLock Photo Locking Apps

Magic Box

Magic Box hides your pictures and videos from strangers, so you’ll never need to worry about leaking private photos or videos. All hidden files not found anywhere on the phone as soon as you set in Magic Box. – Magic Box

Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)

Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+) is a photo locking apps for android that protect your personal pictures and videos from other users by using a strong password. Smart Gallery(Gallery Lock+)

Private Gallery – Encrypt photo

Protect your private gallery by using this App. The App secures your personal pictures from other users by encrypting them.

You can easily open the app using a phone dialer by dialing your secret password.


  1. Special lite-weight encryption algorithms for media
  2. no one can use you pictures even have full access of your SD card or Phone
  3. Hide multiple video/photo in a single choice
  4. Easy Share from native gallery to “Private Gallery”
  5. Real file encryption which gives 100% security

Private gallery Encrypt photo

Super Vault

Super Vault Android apps hide and protect all your personal pictures, videos, contact, messages, Lock application, or other things from your friends. it uses AES encryption to protect your pictures.


  1. Conceal pictures
  2. Multiple file hide
  3. AES encryption
  4. Safe password recovery (by email)
  5. Own Fast gallery to hide pictures and videos
  6. Folders in Vault mode
  7. Free privacy with a private gallery

Super Vault