8 Best Gaming Controller for iPhone

A kid is hidden in the down peak of everybody’s heart and yes it is actually so. This fact is cleared from the craze of gaming of people of different ages.

Well, the gaming industry has touched a great success and is touching the reality with mind-blowing graphics, sound effects, etc.

While you may be a gaming freak, but still the chances are there that you are not still having your hand on exciting games because of not having the capacity to buy the high price tagged gaming consoles.

Even if you are capable of buying the gaming console, still I would suggest you to not to opt for them as your best tech friend, the iOS device can do it for you.

The way iOS devices are getting updated with amazing gaming features, that day is not so far when the iPhone will replace the major gaming consoles.

While there is a hell lot fun when playing games on iPhone, still you can take this excitement to a new level by using the gaming accessories available for them.

Let’s have a look at the best gaming controller for the iPhone.

iCade Mobile gaming Controller for iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a portable gaming console by using the iCade Mobile gaming Controller with it. It has got all the keys that one may require while playing the game. While enjoying the gaming on your iPhone using the iCade Mobile Controller, you get a feel of playing on PlayStation and thus successfully replaces the PlayStation. As this is connectable via the Bluetooth, so you can use it on your iPad as well.
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60Beat Gamepad for iPhone

Use this controller and connect to host using 1 meter long cable, which gives you more flexibility during the game play. The cable requires 3.5 mm jack to attach so you can easily insert it in the headphone slot, providing you an easy and fast way to get this controller, live in action. The attaching cable acts as power wire as well, so you don’t need any extra power source to keep your 60Beat Gamepad running.
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iControlPad Bluetooth gaming controller for iPhone

iControPad is a world’s smallest, lightest and fully functional Bluetooth gaming controller which provide support for almost any smartphone, tablet or computer. With this gaming controller, user can play upto 30 Compatible App stores games without any jailbreaks.

Gametel Portable Gaming Controller

Gemetel is a Portable Bluetooth gaming controller for Android and iOS devices. it’s an perfect device for people who want a better gaming experience with real buttons instead of a touch display.

Snakebyte Gaming Controller

Like the controller that you get with PlayStation? Well, everybody does. So now get the same look-like Gaming controller for your iOS devices by investing on Snakebyte controller. This one has got the same look, design and buttons as well. One plus point is that it work with the Android devices as well, so no need to waste extra money for Android device.
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Nyko Playpad for iPhone

Features apart, the first thing that will attract you, is the cute look of this controller. Set up the connection wirelessly and enjoy a new gaming style on your iOS device. Moreover, you can use this with your Android device as well.
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Power A Moga Gaming Controller

If you ever played games on Nintendo DS, then this one is specially for you. The controller gets attached to your iPhone in such a way that it gives you the feel of Nintendo DS. The worst part is that it requires AAA batteries to run, which adds up more in your expenses’ list. But this is not going to bother you much, as so much of fun splashes the water on it. – MOGA Mobile Gaming Controller

Phonejoy iPhone Gaming Controller

Coming with two Analog sticks and 8 buttons, this controller provides you a better alternative to PlayStation. The connection works via Bluetooth and enhances your gaming experience a lot.