8 useful Online Video Editing Software

Online Video Editing Software is becoming more popular day by day after YouTube and other leading videos hosting sites offer video editing features on their platforms.

Online Video editing apps offer basic and advanced tools that allow users to create personal videos, marketing segments, and visual presentations. Here are eight practical online video editing apps that provide all basic and advanced video editing features to create stunning videos in less time.

Online Video Editing Software


Animoto is a web based free video editing apps that make it easy to produce and share beautiful videos from your photos, video clips, words, and music. With this App. you can share your videos instantly with all major social networking and video sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. – Animoto


stupeflix makes it easy to mix photos, videos, and music to create stunning videos in seconds. It has a beautifully designed ready to use video theme that gives you a decent look and feel to your video. you can add photos and videos from computers or even directly from all supported social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, or Picasa photo albums. – Stupeflix

One True Media

One True Media makes video creation so simple; it‘s a powerful video creation and editing tool with a real time preview for producing beautiful videos. just mix your videos and some photos with special effects, transitions, text, and music, or choose your favorite video style and create beautiful videos. – One True Media


WeVideo is a fully featured cloud based video editor that gives you full creative control over your edits. Add layers to your timeline, organize your video projects and share all those. It’s the first online platform that offers collaborative video editing in the cloud. connect your mobile camera to your WeVideo platform and start editing. All your files and video editing are safely saved and available online via WeVideo Server. – WeVideo


Magisto give you an online platform where you can automatically convert all your common videos into superbly edited movies. Whenever you upload videos to the Magisto platform, it interprets the video content first and then selects which parts are the most interesting and worth keeping. Magisto then cut the remaining boring, dull parts from the video and edits the promising features with effect. – Magisto


Masher is known for creating accessible online video, Photos, and Music Mashups by mixing video clips, music tracks, and photos all for FREE! – Masher


Memplai is specially designed to create videos from images, audio, and video files. it’s a cloud based video editing app where users can invite other people to collaborate and add files to the project, but they can only use the editor. – Memplai

Movie Masher

Movie Masher is an Open Source online video editor and transcoding API that allows the user to Mash Up videos, audios, and images with effects, transitions, and titles to create professional video content for sharing, podcasts, etc.- Movie Masher