Active Agenda – browser-based operational risk management tool

Active Agenda is an open source, browser based, multiuser supported risk management tool specially designed to support operational risk management in your organization. it include more then 80 integrated modules which help your organization to manage and reduce risk and related costs.

Active Agenda is available in two parts. one is OpRisk domain application and another one is rapid application builder platform which also known as spec2app. it was specially designed to reduce workplace risk while empowering other domain professionals and niche developers to address their unique application needs.

it utilize spec2app a custom PHP generator to convert specification written in XML format into integrated Active Agenda modules by using PHP and MySQL database. The application is highly modular and simplifies the customization and maintenance of the application by using single XML module definitions to generate the database, search, screen layouts, charts, and support.

Download : Active Agenda
Demo : Active Agenda Demo