Adaprox Fingerbot – Smart Switch Button Pusher

Adaprox Fingerbot is a device that allows you to control all your devices, buttons, switches remotely, and toggles anywhere with voice and app. A quick, simple, and affordable way to retrofit your existing devices into IoT devices.

Adaprox Fingerbot comes with a small controller app that gives all the functionalities under your fingertips, including remote turn on/off, set wake-up lighting alarms, make SOS alert, and other personalized features.

Besides, the convenient OTA provides an enhanced user experience by the regular Fingerbot firmware updates.

You can also use your voice assistant like Siri and Google assistant, to control each fingerbot by merely activating your voice assistant.

With a modular design, you can replace the robot arm to adapt a button, touch screen, wall switch, wall toggle, and more with the various fingerbot tool pack. So now, you can control your traditional fan, kettle, coffee machine, and almost any conventional appliances remotely.


  1. The Adaprox Bridge brings all your Fingerbots online, allowing you to control them from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or other smart devices.
  3. Connect to IFTTT
  4. easy to use and simple to install without the need for special tools.
  5. Adjustable Spacers for Different Switch Types
  6. Fingerbot comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last six months, depending on the usage.
  7. Also, Fingerbot comes with a USB Type-C charging technology that fully charges the Fingerbot within 1 hour.

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