Enhance Your Photoshop Color Workflow with Adobe kuler

Kuler is a web-hosted application by Adobe which hosts a wide range of colorful themes which can be added to any project. You can apply thousand of color variations and choose the most suited one for your project. Using Adobe Kuler you can also design color themes. This software has basic features which lets your creativity run wild. It huge collection is suited for any type of project. Adobe Kuler is the perfect solution if you want to innovations in your project with unique themes.

Adobe Kuler is an online software and no downloading or installation is required. It is available on the World Wide Web for free of cost. You can paint your project with colors without burning a hole in your project. You can explore thousands of themes directly using your browser. You can easily save your favorite themes on your desktop using the Drag and Drop method. It also easy to access Kuler from the different Adobe Creative Suite 5 software.

You can browse thorough thousand of themes and also search color theme using words, title, creator or main color. You can also create themes from a color using its handy tools. The color wheel, harmony rules, color sliders etc. are some of the many customization options. You can participate actively in the Kuler user forums and comment or rate a particular theme. It also allows other users post feedbacks on your designs. You can upload images from your desktop or Flicker and create themes from it.

Features of Adobe kuler

  1. Browsing themes is simple using Adobe Kuler. You can set several criteria for your searches such as highest rated, most popular or time frames within first release date of Kuler.
  2. You can maintain your MyKuler space where you can save your favorite themes. You can view them at a glance and recover them when required.
  3. You can search a member’s themes by using that member’s name or avatar.
  4. You can explore how other users apply Kuler themes and create their own themes in the Adobe Kuler community.
  5. The Links area has options for Kuler assistance, Kuler forum, downloads for your desktops and links to other color themed sites.
  6. Adobe Kuler allows you to download Adobe Swatch Exchange format to be applied in Adobe Creative Suite components.
  7. You can create original themes for your project. You can develop color themes around a single base color.
  8. You can also mix and modify existing Kuler color themes.
  9. Brightness of a theme may be adjusted according to your needs. You can increase or decrease the level of black in each color repeatedly.
  10. The Interactive color wheel lets you move through several colors and select colors for your personalized theme.
  11. Using Kuler APIs you can develop your own application with Kuler color themes.

Adobe Kuler is great for applying color themes to your project. It gives your project an elite look. It ensures total user satisfaction.

Download : Adobe kuler