The 10 Best Free Alternatives to Sublime Text Editor

If you are a coder, you must be using Sublime text to manage your coding work. However, some coders say that it is not providing them the best experience with coding at all times.

If you face any such struggles, you can think about searching for an alternative for Sublime Text. Here are the most prominent alternative solutions that are available for you to consider and use.

Best Alternatives to Sublime Text Editor

Visual Studio Code Editor

Visual Studio Code Editor is an open-source code editor available. You will be able to get this for free. On the other hand, it is compatible with numerous platforms as well. The best thing about Visual Studio Code Editor is that it doesn’t just offer syntax highlighting to you. You will fall in love with the autocomplete features. It will make life easy for you as a coder.

Download:- Visual Studio Code

Notepad++ Editor

Notepad++ is the best alternative for Sublime text. It will provide you the chance to work with numerous programming languages. The interface of Notepad++ is simple yet effective. If you are trying to find an alternative for the traditional Notepad you have on your computer, Notepad++ is an option that we can highly recommend. Since this is a lightweight solution, it will not consume a lot of computer resources as well.

Download:- Notepad++

VIM – Alternatives to Sublime Text Editor

While you are searching for the Sublime text alternatives, you can take a look at VIM as well. That is one of the highly configurable text editors available for you to use. Hence, you will be able to do all the configurations and get the maximum use out of it. The text editor is persistent. The plugin system will be able to deliver an outstanding experience to you.

Download:- VIM

Brackets – Alternatives to Sublime Text Editor

Brackets are providing some focused visual tools. Therefore, coding will become an easy job for you while you are using Brackets. On top of that, Brackets is build to deliver preprocessor support to you as well. If you are looking to get a modern text editor as an alternative for Sublime text, this is a great option available for you to consider. It is a recommended editor for web designers.

Download:- Brackets

Geany Editor

Geany is a stable, powerful, and lightweight text editor. People who wish to find the best alternative for Sublime text can also take a look at Geany. That’s because you are getting numerous valuable features along with the text editor. Geany is compatible with multiple platforms such as Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Geany is offering support for more than 50 different programming languages as well.

Download:- Geany

Gedit Editor

The main reason for the popularity of Gedit is the simple interface. However, people who wish to gain access to advanced features will be able to unlock them effectively. All your files in Gedit will be open in the tabs. Hence, you will be able to receive enhanced support in managing the files. It offers print and previews consent as well.

Download:- Gedit

GNU Emacs Editor

GNU Emacs is not just extensive but also customizable. At the core of GNU Emacs, you will be able to discover Emacs Lisp. It is a programming language that is providing support to a large number of extensions. On top of that, you will be able to receive outstanding support with text editing. You can get excellent documentation support with this as well.

Download:- GNU Emacs

Kate editor – Best Alternatives to Sublime Text

Kate is among the Sublime Text Editors that are in a position to deliver positive results. You can call this a multi-document editor. On top of that, it would come to you along with network transparency. You will have numerous compatible integrations with Kate Editor as well. Hence, you can get all the support needed to go ahead with the programming work you do while you are using Kate.

Download:- Kate Editor

Komodo Edit

If you are a developer working along with open-source languages and looking for an alternative for Sublime Text, you must be keeping an eye on Komodo Edit. Here is a free and useful text editor that delivers outstanding results for all users. When you use programming languages such as Ruby, Perl, Python, HTML, and CSS, supported by Komodo Edit, some debugging features of Komodo Edit are outstanding.

Download:- Komodo Edit

Spacemacs Editor

Spacemacs is a community-supported alternative available for people looking to get their hands on a Sublime text editor. You can focus more on your coding ergonomics while you are using Spacemacs. On the other hand, it can provide you consistency as well. This consistency can help you to become a better coder at the end of the day. Since this is a community-supported tool, you will also be able to become a contributor to it.

Download:- Spacemacs


If you are not happy with Sublime Text’s experience, you shouldn’t be sticking to it. Instead, you will need to take a look at a Sublime Text alternative. The options that we recommended to you on this list are outstanding, and you can use any of these without keeping a doubt in mind.

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