AndFTP – FTP/SFTP/FTPS client for Android devices

AndFTP is a FTP/SFTP/FTPS client for Android powered mobile devices. it allow you to manage several FTP servers configurations directly from your Android powered mobile devices. it available in both a devices – file browser and a FTP file browser and provide download and upload functionality with resume support.

With AndFTP , user can easily create folder, rename, delete, cut/copy/paste them and also set permission to who access them by using device menu. it also support SSH RSA/DSA keys.

Features of AndFTP

  1. FTP, SFTP and FTPS support
  2. Device (local) and remote (FTP) file browsers.
  3. Back button support
  4. Folders selection support for upload, download and delete.
  5. Support for Active/Passive FTP mode
  6. Easy to List files and folders sorted by name, size and date.
  7. Directly Open file (HTML, MP3, Text, Video ) on device.
  8. Permissions setup support on FTP server.
  9. Support for Multiple FTP settings
  10. Authentication prompt added to avoid storing FTP login/password on device.
  11. Support for SSH RSA and DSA private key authentication
  12. Intent to transfer files or directories.
  13. Share support for gallery
  14. Multilanguage support

Download : AndFTP