AndroXplorer – Intuitive File Manager for Android

AndroXplorer is an easy to use yet powerful file manager for android that provide support for all types of archive formats with built-in password manager and root file explorer. it allow you to deeply browse the contents of your android devices with advanced multiple-views file browsing.

Features of AndroXplorer

  1. advanced multiple-views file browsing
  2. View-to-view navigation to easily swipe files from left to right
  3. Each view  have fully self-contained folder with full file manager functions.
  4. User friendly navigation with sliding drawers for file sorting, folder navigation and toolbar
  5. application folder
  6. Simple shortcuts for manage your file explorer
  7. Save to SD card
  8. Provide support for Wi-Fi network
  9. Easy to share/send files via Bluetooth, Email, Facebook
  10. Easy to manage all your installed application within a single folders with My Programs Features.
  11. To activate my programs features, all you need to do Tap on the applications within the folder
  12. Tablet support with collapsible dashboard and breadcrumbs.
  13. built-in fast file search based on simple pattern or RegEx.
  14. Fast thumbnails view mode for images, and for video and music
  15. 3 fully independent Views with 6 beautiful selectable themes
  16. Multitasking with Progress Manager
  17. Stronger encryption and archiving to open encrypted archive file of items
  18. Compress and extract supported for Zip (Deflate/64, LZMA, PPMd, BZip2), 7z (LZMA, LZMA2, PPMd, BZip2), XZ, Wim, BZip2, GZip, Tar. Extract a wide variety of archive formats.
  19. AES 256-bit encryption.
  20. Simple Built in text editor
  21. Compatible with Tablets and Phones
  22. Multilingual
  23. Multiple share and shortcuts
  24. Recycle bin for files in SD Card
  25. Audio/Video streaming for SMB/Windows Share

Download : AndroXplorer File Manager