Apache Lenya – Open Source Java/XML Content Management System

Apache Lenya is an open source Java based content management and publishing system specially designed to handle XML material. It is part of the Apache Cocoon project, so All Cocoon components can be used to develop customized functionality. It comes with revision control, multi-site management, scheduling, search, WYSIWYG editors, and workflow.

Features of Apache Lenya:

  • Browser-based WYSIWYG Editors allow you to validate input against a RELAX NG Schema.
  • A forms editor is available for situations where a full-blown WYSIWYG editor is overkill or where legacy browsers need to be supported.
  • Each edit of a page creates a new revision, and you can revert to any previous revision of a page.
  • A customizable workflow engine that uses an easy XML format to define workflows.
  • Workflow events such as publishing or deactivating a page can be scheduled.
  • Separate authoring, staging and live areas are supported. For convenience
  • Multilanguage supported user interface
  • The “publications” concept allows reuse of the information architecture of a site and brings modularity to the content level. Different publications (sites) can share content and business logic, and new publications can be created with a cloning process.
  • Support for XHTML/ CSS template system
  • The navigation framework automatically creates navigation items such as menus, breadcrumb paths and tabs. A site map can be easily created.
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Easy to move, copy, rename, archive or delete individual pages or whole parts of your site with an easy to use site view that shows you the pages of your site in an explorer-like view.
  • Each page has tabs for easy access to meta data, assets, workflow status, revisions, access control and scheduling.
  • The access control mechanism allows you to restrict access to parts of your site to members of a group or individuals. You can restrict access by function, such as viewing, editing, approval or administration.