Asana – The Best Online Task Management Tool for Team

Asana is a team task management tool that allow team members to work together online. it help team members to create shared task lists and assign them to specific User. Every task list have their own task and detail about who it is assigned to.

Asana is founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and American software programmer and entrepreneur Justin Rosenstein in 2009.

The software getting so much appreciation and recognition from all over the web because of its Smooth functionality and user-friendly design.

there is only one downside you get with asana software is that it doesn’t offer anything new or cutting edge technology for team task management.

Asana task management program works on all kinds of platforms. You can use it on mobile platforms as well as right in your web browser on your computer.

Sync with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal, so your team get the information anytime no matter where they are.  It makes keeping everyone on task easier.

Features of Asana Online Team Task Organizer

  1. Invite up to 30 members to a workspace for free.
  2. Support for Keyboard Shortcut
  3. See your team’s tasks and priorities with one click.
  4. Versatile software
  5. Sync your due dates in Asana to Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook.
  6. Use Asana on the go using mobile or tablet with Asana Mobile.
  7. Multiple workspace – Collaborate with your friends, clubs, and your work team while keeping everything separate.
  8. Real time collaboration without refreshing the browser.
  9. Easy to create project templates, Follow Tasks and Projects, and Use diorectly from your inbox.
  10. Search box to search your projects and tasks from Asana
  11. Sort tasks by Priority or Assignee view to see who’s working on what.
  12. Drag and Drop
  13. Easy to Make Private or public your projects and Tasks.
  14. Activity Feed for every Task
  15. SSL support

Download : Asana