AuroraFlash – free online WYSIWYG flash editor and site builder

AuroraFlash is a free online WYSIWYG flash editor and site builder that allow you to create cool dynamic flash website. it has easy to use, user friendly web interface that help you to create cool, interactive flash websites without any special knowledge about flash.

The site builder offered a free ready to use fully customizable set of flash templates for your website. Just download the software and start building XML supported flash website.

Features of AuroraFlash

  1. 100% free of charge
  2. convenient online WYSIWYG Flash Editor
  3. Ready to use tons of free flash templates
  4. No need to required any special knowledge about flash or additional software to create cool interactive flash websites.
  5. Simple Intuitive Web User Interface and clear XML structure
  6. Easy to update Homepage regularly with fresh free templates
  7. Built-in FTP Uploader
  8. Easy to work offline, No dependency on the internet connection
  9. All Websites are SEO friendly, Support for Full screen and Deep Linking

Download  : AuroraFlash