HTML5 Photo Editor by aviary

Avaiary’s HTML 5 photo editor is a photo editing device that works on HTML compatible browsers like, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. A lot of typical computer applications have moved to become web application and cloud computing as a result of which some of these applications have become truly amazing with mind-blowing features. Aviary is one of the forward thinking companies which has some of the computer applications to a complete online format and drastically improved them. The HTML 5 supported photo editor is one such product which is completely web based.

It has an image editor that allows basic retouching of image to complex effects. The simplicity and accessibility with which the image editor known as Phoenix, delivers key features of a desktop image editor makes it seem like a web based application. It offers you with a color palette as a part of color editor named Toucan, that can be used alone or in collaboration with other tools to inject color to your creative process.

You are even offered with an audio editor, Myna, which will enable you to remix music tracks and audio clips. It even allows you to record instruments or your own voice and apply sound effects. The online effects editor is named as Peacock and has amazing features which is why it is referred to as “visual laboratory”. It lets you experiment with pixel based images in innovative ways. The vector editor, Raven, allows you to create a vector art for logos or t-shirt designs that are fully scalable. You can use the image markup Falcon, to quickly capture images and web pages from your browser and crop, resize or mark them up.

features of Aviary’s HTML5 Photo Editor

  1. This application is completely written in HTML5.
  2. This web application allows you to upload images and provides you with features with which you can edit those images.
  3. This web application provides you with the facility of embedding the photo editor in your website. Thus you can use it for your own web applications.
  4. It also allows the users of your site to upload or edit any images on that site.
  5. This application is easily available to the mobile community as it is completely web based.
  6. It has an easy, simple and yet powerful interface.
  7. Some of the basic features included are contrast, adding text, drawing and cropping.
  8. You can use this application free of cost.
  9. You can edit the creations of other users too, through this application.
  10. You need to join Aviary for using the HTML 5 photo editor through

Thus you can use Aviary, which is a web based multimedia and photo editor to create new images, edit pictures and change color combinations amongst a number of other things.