10 Best Alternative Apps for HappyFox

When you want to deliver live support to the customers, you should think about using one of the tools available for getting work done.

Out of those tools, HappyFox is holding a prominent place. If you are not happy with pricing or anything about HappyFox, you can start looking for a HappyFox alternative.

Below mentioned are the most prominent HappyFox alternative tools available to use.

Best Alternative Apps for HappyFox


LiveHelp is a secure and fast helpdesk software application that you can use. One of the best reasons you fall in love with LiveHelp is that it provides the chance to keep yourself well-organized.

Hence, you will never find it an overwhelming task to respond to the customers and manage their tickets.

Visit:- livehelp.com

Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk will provide you access to a unique ticketing system. This ticketing system is fully compatible with multi-channel communications.

Hence, you will get the opportunity to deliver support to your customers via phone calls, emails, and social media chats.

On top of that, you will manage the web responses that you are getting into tickets. You will fall in love with the automation features that come along with this alternative for HappyFox.

Visit:- visionhelpdesk.com


Freshdesk is the best alternative for HappyFox that we can recommend. That’s because the companies that start using Freshdesk have the chance to deliver solutions to their clients faster.

You will be able to use internal notes on this tool. Hence, the agents will be able to understand who else is working on the tickets that are assigned to them.

There are numerous pre-defined templates available to you with this helpdesk software, which can help the agents cut down the time they spend on responses.

Visit:- freshdesk.com


Zendesk is one of the most popular HappyFox alternatives that you can consider. You can find an easy to use interface in Zendesk. On the other hand, it is possible to access Zendesk easily from a variety of devices as well.

Multi-channel support offered by Zendesk is quite impressive. That’s because the customer support teams will deliver assistance via social media, chat, phone, web, email, and even mobile devices.

You can get integration support to numerous third-party tools while you are using Zendesk.

Visit:- zendesk.com


LiveAgent is a dedicated customer service software. You will empower the live agents who are willing to provide help and support to the customers while you are using this tool.

There is a helpful dashboard available in LiveAgent. Hence, the agents who use this tool will cut down their chances of making mistakes.

On the other hand, LiveAgent is helping all the parties streamline the customer support they deliver.

Visit:- liveagent.com


One of the best things about Kavako’s support desk software is that it is fully customizable. Hence, you will be able to customize this tool and get the perfect solution to deliver support and assistance to your business’s valued customers.

Some automated features are coming along with Kavako as well. You will be able to look at those automated features and get the maximum out of this tool.

Visit:- kayako.com


HelpDesk is an alternative for HappyFox, which has been there for quite some time. The main reason why people tend to start using HelpDesk is because of its simplicity.

You will be able to track all the requests with ease and maintain them without going through any struggles.

In other words, the centralization features offered along with HelpDesk can help a lot of people to make their lives easy while using this app.

Visit:- helpdesk.com


Acobot is providing a user-friendly management interface. Once you start using Acobot¸, you will get the opportunity to centralize the complete ticket lifecycle.

It will help you to deliver the best level of support to your customers. Hence, you can make sure that you do not have any dissatisfied customers under the business.

You will also be able to use Acobot and discover the SLA. Based on that, you can improve the customer support processes you have in place within the company.

Visit:- acobot.ai


Intercom is a versatile alternative for HappyFox. Due to the same reason, we can even call it the best alternative for HappyFox. The main reason behind Intercom’s versatility is that it can help you with marketing, sales, and support.

Once you start using Intercom¸, you will be able to manage all the customer support requests personally. You can also gain the support offered by in-app support and website chat with ease.

Visit:- intercom.com


Engaging with the customers and providing them with solutions to their problems will be an easy thing to do when you are using Engagebay.

This helpdesk software will be able to help you with streamlining the way how you offer customer support. Hence, you will be able to boost your productivity with ease.

There are tags available in Engagebay, which can help you to categorize the conversations.

Visit:- engagebay.com

Ensure that you pick the best helpdesk software out of these, as it can determine your company’s future success by delivering superior customer support.

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