The Best Free Habit Tracking App for Android

We have both Good habits as well as bad. However, we need to eliminate all the bad habits that we have and replace them with good habits. Otherwise, you will fail in life, and you will have to experience numerous health consequences. Remaining motivated to stick to our routine is always a challenge.

That’s why you should think about locating the best Habit tracking app Android available. You can look at the following apps and download the best habit tracking app to your device.

10 Best Habit Tracking App for Android

HabitHub – Habit Tracking App for Android

HabitHub is a versatile mobile app that you can use to track any habit you have. You can develop long streaks on this App and then remain motivated to achieve all the goals on time.

The full-featured calendar that you can find in the HabitHub app will help you keep track of your time at all times. If you use a smartwatch, you can allow the HabitHub app to deliver notifications right into the smartwatch, helping you track the habits with ease.

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Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker is a habit tracker app on Android, which you can use to track your habits for a longer time.

It will analyze your patterns and provide you with a habit score. It would be best if you focused on improving the overall habit score along with time. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the habits. The App will keep sending reminders.

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Habitbull – Android Habit Tracking App

Habitbull app is offering multiple widgets, which gives you the ability to set up good habits and keep track of them.

It will send automated reminders and ensure that you stick to the habits at any given time. One of the best features that you can find in the Habitbull App is efficient data management. You can visualize data related to your habits in graphs. Based on the charts, it concludes how good you are by following your practices.

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Habitica Habit Tracker

Habitica is a habit tracker app that can gamify your life. You will be able to add the goals that you want to achieve in life as missions in a game.

Then you can keep on achieving those goals through the app interface. If you win the goals, Habitica will reward you. In case if you fail to achieve a goal, the Habitica app will punish you. Based on that, you can get your hands in an engaging environment to acquire good habits.

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Repeat Habit Tracker

Repeat Habit Tracker is a simple and straightforward app available for habit tracking. If you are looking for the best Habit tracking app for Android, you may look at it.

The best feature you can find in the App is that you can customize every aspect of it. You can track and measure the daily routines you will have to do today in your life with Habit Tracker because of these customization capabilities.

The App is combining both a Goal tracker and a habit tracker. Repeat will show your pending Habit on a given day and will only focus on that given day. You need to add positive habits of your life into the App and keep on tracking them.

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Avocation – Habit Tracker for Android

Avocation is a habit tracking app that can help you with planning your day. You can easily organize all the daily routines with this App and stick to good habits based on them.

At any given time, you can refer to the Avocation app and take a look at your to-do list. It will help you color the habits in different colors and assign them with other icons to keep track of everything with ease.

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Grow Habit Tracking

Grow is another straightforward habit tracking App available to consider. If you are a person who appreciates apps that promote simplicity and minimalism, “Grow” is the ideal App available to use.

You can entirely focus on the habits due to the straightforward interface offered by this App. There are no social integrations allowed in this App. Hence, you will be able to focus only on your habits and stick to them.

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Fabulous – Habit Tracking App for Android

Fabulous is a daily work planner. You can define the goals you want to achieve within a day and use the Fabulous App to keep track of them.

While you do it, you may also use the app interface to develop some positive habits around you. There is a unique, rewarding program available within the habit tracking app, which will help you win rewards based on the good habits you have. The App will motivate you to achieve good habits in life.

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Productive Habit Tracker

Productive is an app that can help you to develop a positive routine of life while ensuring productivity. One of the best features that you can find within this App is that it will help you get life-changing habits.

You can proceed ahead and set up personal goals and keep track of them to achieve them promptly. Moreover, Productive will help you keep yourself motivated to perform all the plans as well.

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HabitNow for Android

When you are using the HabitNow app, you can keep track of all the day-to-day tasks that you have to do and build positive habits around them.

In this App, you have the chance to define the practices that you wish to achieve based on your needs. You can easily create different habits and stick to them. It will help you develop daily routines, weekly practices, and monthly habits with this App’s assistance.

You can also keep track of all the exercises as you move forward with them while using this App. The App will help you to remain motivated while achieving goals.

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We believe that these are 10 of the best habit tracking apps available to get. Hence, you should get one of them without thinking twice.