Bitdefender – The Best Mobile Security App for Android

Bitdefender is a one of the best antivirus software available on web. Now it also offer mobile security and antivirus solution for smartphones or tablets running Google Android. User can now protect their Android Smartphone from electronic threats, viruses and theft while saves battery life for its core purpose such as communication and text messaging.

It’s a free malware and Antivirus scanner that scans your Apps as you install them on your Phone. It works in the cloud so you’re always running the scan with latest virus definitions. Application Audit help you to check which application trying to access your private data or internet and ensure that your apps don’t misbehave.

it give you complete web security and keeps your Android Smartphone safe from malicious sites and their traps. Bitdefender also work as tracking apps, if your smartphone stolen or you just lost them jump to on any browser and remotely lock them, make it sound an alarm, Send it a message Or completely wipe out the smartphone, so your sensitive data doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.

Features of Bitdefender – Mobile Security App for Android

  1. Free Malware and Anti-virus Scanner
  2. Free Application Audit
  3. Web Security
  4. Anti-theft
  5. Remote Geo-location
  6. Remotely Wipe out your devices
  7. Remotely Lock your Device

Download : Bitdefender