Bloofox CMS – free and open source CMS

Bloofox CMS is a free and open source CMS which is very easy to use content creation tool. It enables you to not only manage different websites but also intranet sites in a very simple way. Bloofox is easy to install and involves just 2 steps for over a web browser via the automated installation process. Those who prefer manual installation need to use the SQL dump files. Simply follow the compatibility requirements and the installation guidelines of the content application and use it in your site.

Bloofox CMS has an easy to use admin panel with separate structured areas. There is an intuitive user interface in the admin panel which anyone can master in a very short time. Developers can get access to a fast and expandable program code which can be extended with additional individual code lines via the application. Bloofox  templates are totally free of PHP codes, so designers without the knowledge of PHP can also work for creating templates. Individual customized templates can be created quickly using designing formats like HTML, XHTML and CSS.

Features of Bloofox CMS

  1. Multilingual support – A single language file contains the collection of all text constants, thus making the application compatible to be used in any language.
  2. Template Formats – The program and design codes are divided into two parts. Templates are made only on three platforms: HTML, XHTML and CSS.
  3. Bloofox templates are in line with W3C standards of XHTML and CSS.
  4. The application’s user interface is easy to understand and uses the same formation for all types of sites.
  5. All users using the application can have different rights for making changes or seeing the content and settings.
  6. No additional training is required for installing and using Bloofox for updating content on your site
  7. Bloofox content editor enables you to generate or modify textual content similar to those in a word processing software.
  8. Multi website handling – Bloofox enables you to manage a number of websites with a single installation.
  9. Bloofox enables you extend your installation by using various types of plugins or by creating your own extensions. Plugins can be used for contact, form, location, search, sitemap and current date.
  10. Bloofox search plugin in the content page enables users to easily find out the required content uploaded in the site.
  11. The requirements for using Bloofox CMS include Webserver or Web space; PHP 4.1 or a higher version; MySQL Database 3.23 or higher version and an FTP Account.
  12. Required recommendation for using the applications are: Apache Webserver; Linux Operation System (OS); Rights for editing files and folders; mod_rewrite (Apache) and Installation GD Library.

Bloofox is a useful application for anyone looking to publish online content. With an easy and quick installation process anyone can be used the application effectively for different types of websites. Bloofox undertakes research work and keeps on coming up with newer versions of the application to make your online content updating a hassle free experience.

Download : bloofoxCMS