BlueErp – open source, web based ERP application

BlueErp is an open source, web based ERP application that specially designed for small and medium sized businesses. it written in PHP and delivered through a LAMP environment to provide web access to your business data, accounts, stock, etc.

The main goals of the project is to provide a flexible and user friendly interface that can work out of the box and be modified to suit specific needs easily. Blue ERP will allow you to have an arbitrary number of taxes in the system. BlueERP will record revenue/expenses made against each tax in a specified account.

Features of BlueErp

  1. Contact, suppliers and customers
  2. Services and products
  3. Tax accounting (such as the kind of accounting required for VAT/GST reports)
  4. CRM and management of Quotes->Sales Orders->Invoices
  5. Supplier management and management of the Purchase Order -> Vendor Invoice process
  6. Comprehensive reporting on Payments/Receipts and outstanding amounts to suppliers/from customers
  7. Double entry accounting
  8. General Ledger
  9. Customisable chart of accounts