BoltWire – A small but powerful web development engine

BoltWire is a small, simple yet powerful web development engine that help you to create dynamic, interactive websites quickly and easily.

it has some useful feature such as instant user & group management, an advanced internal search engine with fully templated output, powerful data management, internally editable skins, UTF-8 and multi-lingual support, unlimited hierarchical case-insensitive page names, a built in scripting engine, and fully customizable site actions via BoltWire’s unusual forms processor.

The secret behind BoltWire’s small size, yet robust capabilities, is its amazing ZAP engine, that allows EASY form generation and processing. Create fully interactive, dynamic websites without having any knowledge about programming languages . Better still, you can completely control how every aspect of BoltWire works from right within your browser. It is just tweaking some form. With BoltWire, you do more than build content, you build applications!

Features of BoltWire

  1. Support for Error reporting and debugging
  2. Run multiple sites off one installation
  3. Built in member and group management
  4. Easy to use wiki markup system
  5. Powerful search engine capabilities
  6. In-browser editing of skins & CSS
  7. Standards compliant
  8. UTF-8 and multi-lingual support
  9. One click installation of plugins
  10. Innovative developer help system
  11. Strong session-based security
  12. Active development community
  13. Easy to use conditionals to control display and functions to generate output
  14. Embed html/JavaScript directly in your site
  15. Advanced authorization options
  16. cache functionality for increased performance
  17. Using system hooks to change default behavior

Download : BoltWire – web development engine