Bonita Open Solution – java-based open source BPM suite and workflow engine

Bonita open solution is a widespread business process management suite that involves easy handling as well as multifarious business dealings.

Bonita open solution is quite effective for enhancement of your business and it comes in handy for analytical purposes that are looked after by business analysts and development managers.

Your business process management is turned into an easy flow by the usage of all the technical support provided to you by Bonita open Solutions.

it offers you with result optimization using the apt process for you, improved transaction value and communication levels, brisk search results, visual detection of areas that need to improve or scope for further development of some project detail, and enhanced organizational abilities among the main players that obviously leads to increase in company’s productive capacity.

Creating your personal project areas and dashboards is simple and is a timesaving activity. Bonita open solution saves a lot of your time, expenditure and hard work as it basically does not need many resources to build up your work space.

It is a direct means of communication with the concerned person or team you are working with.

Features of Bonita Open Solution

It’s an open source business process management tool is characterized by many useful and special features. Take a look into these features for better understanding of the working mechanism of Bonita Open Solutions. These features are:

  1. It has the power to assign specific roles to any worker as per the need and this is done after proper filtering and acute resolve.
  2. Bonita Solutions have a central repository system that hoards and arranges all the important files and information.
  3. Special tools are provided for 3rd party inclusion into your business process management.
  4. You can update your past records with the new advanced ones with the live update facility.
  5. Notifications mentioning wrong data input or configuration are provided to rectify your mistakes.
  6. You can conjure up your management process by defining cost parameters, time, resource availability, schedule lists etc.. to sift through suitable candidates for optimized results.
  7. To simplify your enhancement process you can set default profiles too.
  8. The version 2.0 of the Business Process Modelling Notation helps your work methods largely.
  9. Bonita Solutions try to sweep out the space between main owners and other key players.
  10. You can easily install whichever connection processes you want among so many offered by Bonita solutions.
  11. There environmental test characteristics which you can opt for swift progress methods.
  12. You can transport your project outlays in any of image supporting formats like jpeg, PDF, bmp etc.
  13. Before coming out with your final process you can save temporary designs for future references.
  14. New users are provided with a guidance kit that helps you at every stride towards its usage. Detailed explanation is provided for anything you need to do.

You can download Bonita Open Solutions from the official site for detailed information on the various package deals that are available.

Download : Bonita Open Solution