Boost your Android Battery Life with Longevity

Longevity Battery saver is a Android apps that specially designed to optimize your Android smartphone battery life without any complicated settings or cryptic warnings.

The Apps developed by one of the best security and antivirus software developing company “Trend Micro”, and uses its existing “reputation index” for mobile apps to identify potential battery hogs.

After installing this apps on your Smartphone it will start analyzing your smartphone. whenever your phone starts Consuming more energy compare to normal uses, it will instantly Alert you by using Fast Drain Alert.

Just-a-phone mode is a also powerful feature that use when ever your phone battery getting low and you need your phone and text messages to send message or call somebody.

it will automatically deactivated other services and only Phone and text messages can use. Longevity also help you to find which newly downloaded application consume more energy from your battery.

Features of Longevity

  1. Get an alert if the battery level suddenly drops
  2. Optimize your phone for maximum battery life with just one tap
  3. Easily identify what uses the battery the most so you can take action
  4. Use a widget to take advantage of key features without opening the app
  5. Turn your smartphone into “Just-a-Phone” to help ensure you can make and receive calls and text messages
  6. Get instant power Hog Alert when newly downloaded apps using more Battery life.

Download : Longevity Battery Saver