Business Card Scanning service – CloudContacts

Social Networking plays a major role in today’s business scenario. With the growing prominence of social media marketing the importance of social networking has increased manifolds. CloudContacts gives you an opportunity to transcribe, scan in order to connect your venture with the help of Email services, social networks and Customer Relationship Management systems.

CloudContacts connects your business card with other people in the same line of business or with similar interests. Once you send your business card to CloudContacts either in the mail form or in an electronic form, they are converted into formats that are importable into your mobile address book or email application. All your contacts will be available for online viewing and if you want to export your contacts you can convert it into various formats before exporting. The service is much faster than a business card scanner. A business card scanner has a tough to use interface also while the interface of CloudContacts is much easier to use.

Features of Cloudcontacts

  1. Access From Anywhere – You can access your business cards from anywhere around the globe. You just need a steady net connection as all the data is uploaded on the net in centralized servers.
  2. Integrated Customer Relationship Management System – An interactive customer relationship management system is provided inclusive of 37 Signals High-rise and Sales Force.
  3. Business Contacts Export – You can export your business contacts to the email application you are currently using. This facilitates easy access to your customers from your mail.
  4. Quality Control Measures – Accuracy is very important in business. Therefore, double verification is done before finally using the contacts. This differentiates from other business scanners.
  5. Compatibility – The software is compatible and run on various operating systems. The software is even compatible with Mac Book.
  6. Secured Back Up System – Back up is provided for all your data. Loss of data is protected against. Data is of vital importance and can be lost due to various reasons like theft or loss due to fire. So a backup system is primordially important to protect against loss of data.
  7. Linkage With Social Networking Web Sites – You can connect to various social network web sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from the home menu by just one click.
  8. Social Connector – The networks on your business card are identified and accordingly networking is made on various social networking websites. Mostly networking is based on common likes and interests which translates into same domains of Operations in the professional level.
  9. Options of Recycle – Your business card is recycled. This is immensely beneficial for the environment.

CloudContacts provide an efficient platform for contact building in your business. Social networking plays an important role in your business growing to new heights. Therefore, CloudContacts is an important step in generating a proper database of clients.

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