Spitfire- A fully integrated business management software

Spitfire is a multi-purpose fully integrated online business management software which you can use to store and analyze your business information, handle monetary transactions and get facts about your clients updated. This software , being an agglomeration of a number of online business handling software’s, speeds up your work by quite a fraction and also lets you focus on your business progress.

A very unique thing about Spitfire is that you can use it along with other external business handling software’s, thus giving you the freedom to cover all aspects of your business through a sound set of tools.

Most business management software’s are exclusive in their tasks. Spitfire is different. It has all the tools for you to manage your business. Once you’ve started your site, you can import Spitfire in to it. It runs almost all forms of popular coding platforms like JavaScript. However, you don’t need to have a knowledge-base on computer coding to be able to modify your site. All you need is a document preparation system.

Spitfire is also efficient in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It stores all information about your clients, and also updates them regularly. All purchase, sale and investment transactions can be carried out through payment gateways like PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.net, all of which are supported by Spitfire. To handle distant transactions, Spitfire allows you to use express mail services like DHL or FedEx to ship material in and out. Additive to these, Spitfire also has tools for you to supervise and manage your business progress.

Features of Spitfire

  1. Spitfire has a search engine that directly redirects your search to Google, Yahoo! for your search to be more vivid, thus ensuring promising results.
  2. The unique content constructor automatically writes content on your site using and spicing up the information in your site to impress new and prospective clients.
  3. You can assign people to work and administer your business. Spitfire keeps updates of everything modified on your site, also specifying the employee who modifies it.
  4. Spitfire can work collectively with external software’s. Data stored in Spitfire can be imported to the corresponding software in which you can make the necessary modifications.
  5. With intelligent business working tools, Spitfire gives you an exact idea of the success or failure of your business strategy, the commodities making the highest profit, and also those whose marketing plans need to be modified. So, you precisely know what to change for your business to thrive.
  6. In Spitfire, you can keep track of your highest buying clients to prepare efficient and attractive business plans to increase your sales.
  7. You can remain connected to all of your prospective clients by sending them your plans via e-mail through Spitfire. You can give them reminders and notifications about your latest products.
  8. Clients can have exclusive access to the areas of your business in which they are connected, be it investment or sales. Only the respective client and employees are allowed access.

Spitfire is a ground-breaking invention in the field of online business management. Its versatility sets it apart from all other such engines. The excellent administrative and marketing tools present in Spitfire make it the best platform for your business management.

Download : Spitfire- A fully integrated business management system