Create live classroom Polls, Q&A over SMS with ClassPager

ClassPager is a new concept for student to get up to date with classroom activities even without attending classroom. it allow your teacher to send text updates to your parents and you on your mobile device during or after school.

You can ask question or answer the question ask by teacher individually or with group of students without violating privacy and sharing phone numbers.

just sign up with ClassPager service and you get your own enrolment code then share it with student and their parents.

Now when Student or their parents send test messages to teacher by using Classpager enrolment code, it will automatically added to list and student who subscribe this list will get the text message.

ClassPager is an perfect tool for any kind of Q & A session or use them as quiz polls to get feedback on student assessment in real time.

Features of ClassPager

  1. Easily send Group text massage to whole of the class at once
  2. Protect your privacy and phone numbers while you manage everything easily from the web, no real phone numbers are shared.
  3. create Real time communication with your group
  4. Free ClassPager account for one class.
  5. No need spend so much money on your communication other than standard messaging rates with carrier.
  6. Use ClassPager to run class room Polls and Q&A sessions in real-time.
  7. Engage any student on any device during or after school.

Download : ClassPager