Classroombookings – free room booking system for schools

Classroombookings is a free and easy to use room booking system specially designed for School written in CodeIgniter PHP framework and use MySQL as a database backend.

Features of Classroombookings – room booking system for schools

  1. Classroombookings is a room booking system for specially developed for school
  2. Avoid double-booking Problem: If the room is already booked by another person or used by other people at that time, no one else can book the room for that period.
  3. Unlimited numbers of Rooms and Users
  4. Total control on booking of the room, so you can decide what users, groups, and departments can access, which rooms are available to them, and what types of bookings can be made.
  5. Quota System helps you to control on booking of room other users cannot use more than their fair share of bookings.
  6. Easy to use, Simple User interface provides all information directly to your Dashboard, so you can easily manage how many rooms are booked and available room for book and when it booked.
  7. Custom Timetable Schedule – Create your own timetable schedule with your own weekly cycle and lesson times to match the school.
  8. Cross-platform – it’s a web-based tool, so you need to download or install any software to use Classroombookings to book rooms.
  9. Modern

Download: Classroombookings