ClickDummy – Online wireframing Tools to create Clickable Mockups

ClickDummy is an online mockup creating a tool for people who want to create a clickable website, mobile application, and software Mockups online and collect feedback from your clients, friends, and co-workers about your mockups.

The software gives you an online platform where team members can work collaboratively on website Mockups.

So no more emailing, PDFs, or try to track feedback via message threads. All your designs and their feedback publish in context.

It’s a perfect mockups tool for Web and application developers who want to receive instant feedback on their design from clients.

Features of ClickDummy

  1. The free online Mockups creation tool
  2. Create clickable mockups collaboratively and get feedback fast.
  3. Share clickable mockups online with URL provide by user
  4. simple registration process
  5. Make Private and public feedback
  6. User-friendly web interface

Download: Clickdummy