Cloud9 IDE – web based IDE for JavaScript developers

Cloud9 IDE is a web based, open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for JavaScript developers. it uses platform for user interface which allow you to easily modularize the user interface of Cloud9 and also provide a pretty fast, high performance text editor with bundled syntax highlighting support for JS, HTML, CSS and mixed modes.

it has integrated debuggers for Node.js and for chrome browser which can started, paused and stopped from within the IDE and the local file system is exposed through WebDAV to the IDE, which make it possible to connect to remote workspaces as well.

The IDE is Highly extensible via plugin system and offered various plugins such as browser, clipboard, code editor, console, debugger, docs, editors, file system, html, key bindings, new resource, node runner, panels, refactor, rich text, save, search replace, settings, tree and undo .

Download : cloud9 IDE
Homepage : Cloud9 IDE Homepage