cloudCMS – A cloud based Web Content Management system

cloudCMS is a next generation cloud based web content management system that offer an easy to use application platform which run on Google’s Apps platform. it has easy to use, simple web interface where user can maintain their website’s content and data on demand.

Features of CloudCMS

  1. Support for JSON – JSON is the ideal way to express content for web and mobile applications. It is fast, mean and lean and support for all kinds of programming languages including PHP, Ruby, Java, Scala, Groovy and .NET.
  2. No fixed schema – A fully dynamic schemas. You can create any kind of JSON document you’d like and CloudCMS will work with it just fine.
  3. NoSQL – it uses non-relational, non-fixed schema approach and chose the best-of-breed cloud-computing technologies, so everything is to be flexible
  4. Page content management and publishing with built-in WYSIWYG content editing technology.
  5. Cloud file management
  6. SEO optimized Web CMS
  7. Support for data migration tools
  8. Easy to use web-based development environment to build custom applications.
  9. A complete end to end solution for building online presence (From Google App setup to WCMS based solutions)
  10. Full text search and Query
  11. Plug in custom rules, actions and behaviors behind your content by simply uploading new documents into the repository.
  12. Transform your content to and from popular MIME types such as Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, text, XML and JSON.

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