Ionize – User friendly CodeIgniter based CMS for web designers

Ionize is an Open Source content management system based on CodeIgniter PHP framework. it is specially build for web designers by web designers with one word in mind: Flexibility. it has powerful and user friendly web interface where user can create full-featured web applications as well as simple websites.

Features of Ionize

  1. Easy Templating : Each page or article have their own dedicated template, so user can customize each and every page or article and give them new look.
  2. Localized content : it’s an multilingual CMS so you can create as much languages as you need for your website. Every content can be translated : posts, static elements in templates, media data, etc.
  3. Extended fields : easily add your own data to pages, articles and media
  4. Flexibility in content displaying :  Content and presentation are clearly separated from each other. So an article can become a pictures gallery or a blog post entry, depending on the article template.
  5. Content editing : easy to copy/paste content from any word processor
  6. Easy to make schedule post : Each page and article have their own publish date and can be set offline at a given date.
  7. Search engine friendly URL’s
  8. highly extensible via modules system
  9. Users and groups : Group access only is possible on each page. For the admin panel, several groups (editors, admin, super-admin) will limit user’s possibilities.
  10. Automated thumbnails

Download : Ionize CMS