Cohuman – Easily delegate, track and prioritize tasks

Cohuman is a smart workstation for organizing workers and managing projects. It promotes lucidity and accountability in interactions allowing the corporate houses to get their work done more proficiently. Cohuman mainly works on the Google base so you can connect any Google document to every Cohuman tasks; allocate access to every Google archives with Cohuman, or even trace any Google document from within the Cohuman workstation.

Cohuman is mainly fit for the working organization that requires a smart base to develop and strengthen their communication system. Cohuman is for every group that needs a system intended to organize people and administer projects more smartly.

You should also know that most of the team leaders also prefer Cohuman as it helps them a lot to co-ordinate people. Again down the chain, the team members are also greatly benefitted by it. It is them who are actually accountable for providing the actual labor and the greatly require to access the information. Cohuman integrates all the information accordingly and helps them to secure better knowledge about their work.

Features of Cohuman

  1. It helps to initiate an effective communication – Cohuman provides you with the opportunity of easy task sharing among all your work associates. You would be able to provide all the information to your teams of the entire company without working much harder. It also takes care of the aspect that the tasks or the information are completely centralized and is easily accessible by all from the specific location. Cohuman also provides authentic communication as it does not have the “blind courtesy copy” option.
  2. The Information provided is more dynamic and crystal clear – You will have your respective user panel where you can see all your assigned tasks, due date and other essential information related to it. You can also see from whom you are receiving the work. Not only that, you will also be getting timely reminders about your work for the day or any other important works to be done. It acts like a virtual personal secretary of yours. You also would be getting live updates of your work from all the other associates who are related with your task.
  3. Cohuman facilitates more co-ordination among team – Cohuman helps to assign a degree of importance to every assigned task. In this way you can convey the importance of the tasks to your teammates or subordinates or even the entire organization. To check the advancement of your team members or employees, you can have a look at their panels and keep a record of their performances. To have a proper check on the respective duties of the team members, you can log into the project panel and check every detail.
  4. Cohuman has a perfect blend of Powerful email and the Google web platform – You can just send an email to the Cohuman server and it will automatically store the task description, norms and conditions and other information. You can even work with Cohuman through easy exchange of emails and not logging in every time. You can also share, locate and attach you Google docs from Cohuman. Thus to initiate a smart system of communication in your organization, you should opt for the services provided by Cohuman after following all its benefits.

Download : Cohuman